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Finale to the fiesta-Café Ice Cream May 31, 2010

Filed under: Dessert — mdebaugh @ 2:45 pm

We celebrated my dad’s birthday on Saturday. It was a week ago, but we were in Boston so we decided to make a family dinner. My mom made a delicious mexican casserole. I decided to finish off the meal with home made coffee ice cream.


2 eggs

½ cup sugar

4 cups evaporated milk

1-2 tablespoons instant coffee

½ cup coffee liqueur

Ice cream maker


Beat eggs and sugar in large mixing bowl until well blended. Scald evaporated milk and coffee over medium heat until bubbles appear along edge. Gradually stir about 2 cups of the hot evaporated milk mixture into the egg mixture. Blend into remaining hot mixture. Cook and stir over low heat until mixture thickens slightly. Remove from heat. Refrigerate until well chilled. Stir in coffee liqueur. Pour into ice cream freezer container. Churn and freeze according to manufacturer’s directions. Makes 2 quarts.

Adapted from Old El Paso-Sun Country Mexican Cookbook II


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