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The Ultimate Summer Treat: Fudge Pops July 10, 2010

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These Popscicles are one of my favorite summer memories from when I was young. We would always have them on hand for when kids were out playing in the neighborhood.

The recipe is really simple, the hard part of making them though is whisking the mix together. I hope you have a strong arm, or else you’ll be getting a major work out. Otherwise, I’d recommend an electric mixer.


  • 1 box chocolate Jell-O pudding
  • 3 cups milk


  • Mix together until pudding-ish consistancy.
  • Pour into Popscicle molds and put in freezer.

One Response to “The Ultimate Summer Treat: Fudge Pops”

  1. Fudgey Man Says:

    I LOVE frozen FUDGE!!!! Will do tomorrow!!!

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